Are You Worried About Dropping Your Smartphone? This New Mobile Airbag Case, Will Save Your Smartphone

mobile airbag Case

This mobile airbag case can be launched next month through kickstarter. Kickstarter is an American public-benefit corporation based in Brooklyn, New York, working on it.

There are many types of smartphones coming in nowadays, which are giving new features that make a phone a high tech phone. But the lack of one feature in these features is the worst thing that people are saying about what people do after the fall of the smartphone and how to save their phone. For this, a German student has come up with a solution that can save everyone’s phone. A student named Philip Frenzel created a mobile airbag case that would sneeze as soon as your phone falls and will save your phone.

Philip Frenzel, who is studying at Aalen Universityy in Germany, also won the award for mobile airbag on behalf of Mechatronics. Let us know that this airbag can be launched next month through kickstarters.

Explain Mobile Airbag Case

That this product is built with a special design that will save many people’s mobile phones from falling and falling. After this product comes, one thing is certain that mobile phones will not break after falling down. But these kinds of mobile airbag case will be costly and it will be available only  for such expensive smartphones like iPhone or Samsung . Smartphone users has to much excitement for these kinds of mobile airbag case in India because this is the biggest problem for smartphone users.

Now, it will be a interesting to see the mobile airbag case that either it will save phones or it will also disappoint users like car’s airbag, sometime car’s airbags do not open during accident. So, i will hope that same like car’s airbag will not happen in the case of smartphone.

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