Qualcomm topper in smartphone chip market, Apple on second slot


The global smartphone app processor (AP) market recorded a five percent drop in 2017 and was $ 20.2 billion in which Qualcomm is at 42 percent with revenue share.

According to the report, “In the year 2017, the sale of 64-bit Smartphone AP has increased 15 percent (year-on-year basis), which is 88 percent of the total smartphone AP. This is 71 percent more than the year 2016. ”

After Qualcomm, Apple remained second with 22 percent revenue share, while MediaTek was at third place with 15 percent revenue share.

Shravan Kundozala, associate director of Strategy Analytics, said, “2017 has been a challenging year for companies like MediTech and Spreadtraum, which produces more economical and more quantity. Sales and revenue of both the companies’ smartphones’ AP have been recorded consistently. ‘


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