Light is Working on 9 Camera Smartphone, The Same Company Brought The 16 Lens Camera

9 Camera Smartphone

The number of cameras in the smartphone is constantly increasing. The first smartphone had only one rear camera. Later came Selfie Camera, then Dual Rear Camera. Not only this, the Dual Selfie camera has also come. Triple camera came after the dual rear camera too. Now, the smartphone with not two or three but 9 camera is going to come in this smartphone.

There is a company named Light, which you can call startup. This company launched the L16 camera with 16 lenses. This company is now preparing to come up with a 9 camera smartphone.
This company has given a prototype of 9 camera smartphone to the Washington Post, in which 9 camera have been installed. Now the question is that what will be the advantage of the 9 camera smartphone. Two and three camera smartphones are already in the market.

According to the Washington Post report, 9 camera setup can be shot up to 64 megapixels. According to the report, photography will be better in light and depth effects will also be better. This means that photography like entry level DSLR cameras can be done. According to the report of the post, the company is working on several prototypes together with 5 to 9 rear camera setup. At the moment it is not clear whether the firm is developing or developing a smartphone in collaboration with another smartphone maker. This phone may arrive at the end of this year.

This 9 camera smartphone can be expensive in terms of budget. According to this image design of this smartphone look awkward from back side But in terms of camera quality this phone would be a better choice. This 9 camera smartphone of the light company would be a biggest competitor of other companies smartphones because of camera quality.

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