LG May Launch LG V40 With 5 Cameras, Know How

After Huwai introduced three cameras on P20 Pro, it seems that everyone wants fun. A report from the Android Police shows that LG’s upcoming V40 will come with five cameras: two front and back three

According rumors that this year’s iPhone and next year’s Galaxy S10 will include at least one version with triple lenses.

I do not know what this third camera looks like on LG’s phone. On P20 Pro, a camera is normal, one has monochrome sensor, and the second has a telephoto lens. LG phones have traditionally added a normal camera with an ultra-wide-angle shooter.

I think a telephoto lens is the most sensible step here because it will help in portrait mode and some photographers will bring it to the Holy Trinity of the lens as a call. It will also provide significant zooming flexibility for videographers, which is the V-Series’ Rajan D’entre “.

On the other hand, dual front-facing cameras will not be completely new. The original V10 was, in fact, the first front phone to have two front face cameras – the Wide-Angle group was used for selfies – but this feature has disappeared. I imagine that it will be used for portrait effects and protection on the V40 because the pixel 3 is expected to work.

It is being said that, an additional camera or two image quality is not guaranteed. Heway’s camera makes it so good that there is a huge 1 / 1.7 inch sensor, which is bigger than anything on the market. Google still manages to distribute some great photos in the market with just one lens due to stellar processing.

Meanwhile, LG’s G7 uses two 1/3-inch sensors with good but unpredictable processing between the flagship. Hopefully V40 will aim for quality and quantity.

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