Charging Problem Found in iPhone XS And iPhone XS Max

Many iPhone devices have started charging problems after the update of Apple IOS 12. Some users believe that this problem is in the new iPhone XS Max. An iPhone XS Max user said that the problem is coming up when the lightning cable is being connected to the charging port with the help of a common wall charger.

Although many times the iPhone is doing normal function and started charging the device. However, charging sign is not visible after charging the phone in charge. One user said that the charging sign is visible for keeping the device up to 10-15 seconds.

Another user said, “When I charge the phone, the phone hangs up and I can not use my phone for a while, after which I have to remove the phone from charging, after which I can use it.

Let’s say that most of the charging problems are happening in the new iPhone XS Max. According to a report from Appleinsider, the problem is also happening in the iPhone 7 and 12.9 inches first generation iPad Pro. It has been revealed in the report that the problem can be with USB. Which Apple has created for the iPhone’s secure data so that the data of someone’s phone can not be stolen.

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