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Android p

This Will Be The Name of Android P, This Time The Trend Will Change

The most widely used mobile OS in the world is Android. Every year Google brings a new version of Android. Usually they are named after the suits, but this time probably it is not so. The previous Android name was Android Oreo, now the company has released Developer Preview of

9 Camera Smartphone

Light is Working on 9 Camera Smartphone, The Same Company Brought The 16 Lens Camera

The number of cameras in the smartphone is constantly increasing. The first smartphone had only one rear camera. Later came Selfie Camera, then Dual Rear Camera. Not only this, the Dual Selfie camera has also come. Triple camera came after the dual rear camera too. Now, the smartphone with not

mobile airbag Case

Are You Worried About Dropping Your Smartphone? This New Mobile Airbag Case, Will Save Your Smartphone

This mobile airbag case can be launched next month through kickstarter. Kickstarter is an American public-benefit corporation based in Brooklyn, New York, working on it. There are many types of smartphones coming in nowadays, which are giving new features that make a phone a high tech phone. But the lack

True Caller

New Block Section Given in True Caller, App Removed From Windows Phone

Update True Caller version is 9.4.10, in which the user gets a new block section, which allows you to block any of the contacts. The update has also been improved in SMS. True Collar has made changes to its block section for Android. After this change, users will now be

iBall Tablet

iBall’s New Tablet Launched, Will Help in Aadhar Verification

iBall has expanded its existing tablet portfolio in India and launched a new model iBall Slide Imprint 4G. The biggest feature of this tab is the integrated fingerprint sensor present in it. The company claims that it is the safest biometric authentication. This new tab of iBall is STQC certified